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Effects of Service Trial Offers on Customers’ Pre-Trial Attitude Toward the Service Provider

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Dance Classes 1. Kids Activities 5. Multiple Locations. Study 2: Item Reduction and Reliability Testing. The Churchill methodology lies within the scope of the measurement theory that aims to test the quality of the measurement instruments such as the attitude scales. This methodology is based on specifying the construct domain, generating a sample of items, collecting data, purifying measurements, collecting data, estimating faithfulness, estimating validity and developing standards.

So, The second stage of the research involved further purification of scale items and an assessment of the internal reliability of the 8 items. This scale was then slightly modified and adapted to the context according to an initiation test on 40 people to further adjust it to our research objectives. Table 1 illustrates the results of purification obtained. Table 1: Measurement scale of attitudes toward branded products sales promotion adapted to the research context.

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The purification of the scale of attitude towards the branded product sales promotion led to the following results. First, the correlation matrix determinant was about 0. Moreover, the Kaiser Meyer Olkin sampling precision measurement was 0. The factor analyses with Varimax rotation also proved that the attitude scale is two-dimensional. Indeed, two factors having eigenvalues higher than 1 emerged. These two factors made it possible to recover Item AT4 was omitted by the extraction.

The content analysis of the items that made up the two factors allowed us to obtain F1 and F2. F1: attraction towards the branded product sales promotion. F2: unforeseen purchase at a sales promotion.

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Table 2: Result of extraction Squared Multiple Correlations. Consequently, the concept of attitude becomes two-dimensional and includes 5 items. Item AT7 was eliminated in order to improve the Alpha value.

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These items formed the basis for further structural testing through confirmatory factor analysis in Study 3. Study 3: confirmatory factor analysis. The results of the exploratory factor analysis showed that the attitude construct toward sale has an acceptable level of reliability.

This two-dimensional construct is formed by two factors:. F2: unforeseen purchase at a sale.

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Using the data obtained from the second sample, structural equation modeling was used to perform a confirmatory factor analysis. We aimed to study the discriminant and convergent validity. The analysis was carried out with the AMOS software version 20 based on the maximum likelihood method. Nevertheless, this method requires a multi normal distribution of variables of the construct.

We study Kurtosis and Skewness values. Indeed, the Kurtosis value is accepted up to 8 in absolute value; whereas the Skewness value should not exceed the threshold of 3 in absolute value Roussel et al. Table 5: Study of the attitude construct normality toward the. According to the table, we notice that the Skewness values are lower than 3 while the Kurtosis values are lower than 8. We conclude that attitude construct has a distribution close to normal. These conditions enable us to carry out the discriminant and convergent validity analysis.

Convergent validity analysis of attitude construct. We opted for the method of Fornell and Larcker to study the convergent validity of attitude construct toward sales promotion. The realization of this test requires the calculation of the average variance extracted from the construct. The results are presented in the following table:. Table 6: Study of the convergent validity of attitude construct toward branded.

According to the table, we note that the T test values associated with the factor weights are higher than 1. We conclude that attitude construct toward the sale of branded products has an acceptable level of convergent validity. Discriminant validity analysis of attitude construct.

According to the approach of Fornell and Larker , checking the discriminant validity requires a comparison between the AVE value and the square of the structural link for each construct Akrout, Indeed, the mean variance extracted for each construct should be higher than the square of the structural link. In the case of the attitude scale, calculating the squared correlation between attraction towards sale and the unforeseen purchase 0.

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We conclude that attitude construct toward the sales promotion of the branded products has acceptable discriminant validity. Structure model Test of the attitude toward the branded product sales promotion. As shown in Table 6, the two factor correlated model provided the best fit of the data.

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The estimate results represented an adjustment level in conformity with the theoretical thresholds recommended by the marketing literature. Table 7: Confirmatory factor analysis results. Study 4: assessing construct and predictive validity. The full process of scale construct culminates in testing its predictive validity by checking whether the relations between measurements of a concept and those of other concepts are in conformity with the predictions from the literature Evrard et al.

We thus tested the attitude measurement scale suggested to our samples, which had good internal coherence reliability and satisfactory adjustment qualities along with other factors like sensitivity, motivation and the belief toward sales promotion. The obtained results show that these variables are positively related to the attitude toward the branded products sales promotion. The tested model was well-adjusted to the data.

These results support the nomological validity of the scale of attitude toward the sales promotion. Overall, the results from Study 4 support the stability of the measurement scale of the attitude toward branded products sales promotion,. Table 8: Adjustment of the structure model of the attitude toward the branded product sales promotion. The study of attitude toward the sales promotion is essential to the research in the field of management, notably for marketing.

New issues are being highlighted in order to corroborate the effort of conceptualization and to account for the evolution of this psychological concept difficult to measure. This study investigates the steps of creating a measurement scale for the attitude toward the branded product sales promotion as well as the obtained results. The developed scale provided very satisfactory psychometric qualities. The exploratory factor analyses were highly reliable. The confirmatory analyses that relied on the method of structural equations also showed a good adjustment with the collected data as well as an acceptable convergent, discriminant and nomological validity.